The More You Dough

Vegan Bakery

Based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, our mission is to fill the hole in the local market for an entirely vegan bakery while also filling pastries.  We source most of our ingredients from the East-End Food Co-op, and take a painstaking amount of time selecting the best ethical ingredients for our products. Everything that goes into our food is fair trade, and everything is vegan down to our sugar and sprinkles.

Our companion blog provides free vegan recipes and lifestyle tips for people everywhere. We believe that a vegan lifestyle should be easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

Try Our Favorite Recipes

  • CorEats Chocolate Lava Cakes
    If you’ve ever been to any number of chain restaurants before I’m sure you’re familiar with the chocolate lava cake, or have at least seen it on the menu. It’s essentially just a delicious chocolate sponge cake with an undercooked… Continue reading →
  • Grilled Mac & Cheez
    Last week I posted my quintessential Cheeziest Mac & Cheez recipe. This week I want to share another way you can use this mac & cheese to create delicious comfort food. One of my favorite meals as a kid was… Continue reading →
  • Cheeziest Mac & Cheez
    I’m going to keep this weeks post short and simple, because it’s a short and simple recipe. We’ll use this as a foundation for a number of greasy, American style comfort food recipes in the future. While I have an… Continue reading →